A Family Owned Business

In 1969, Fred and Colleen Kelly had a dream of beginning their very own printing company and started with one single press in their garage. Through hard work and dedication, they established a customer base and was then able to expand their business. They moved to Cannon Street in Danville Illinois, where they began hiring more workers and amassed more clientele. Once the early 90's hit, they decided they needed to move their business to a larger building to meet demand. They picked a lot on Oregon Street and began the construction for a new building and a new future. 

It's been 27 years since they built the new building, and we are still going strong as ever!!! Their son, Thomas Kelly (Tom), is the new owner and operator, along with a wonderful staff, that ensures jobs are completed in a timely manner and provide quality work!

Thomas Kelly (Tom), Current Owner

Thomas Kelly took over the business in late 2009. He started helping his parents, Fred and Colleen Kelly full time when they were located on Cannon Street in Danville, in the early 80"s. He then transitioned with them into the newest building, 205 Oregon Street, Danville, in the early 90"s. After Colleen and Fredrick's passing, he became owner and operator of the business, giving the same great customer care, as his parents!!